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About us

Chaz Professional Services started its office at Kottayam during the year 2001 as the Indian annexure of Chaz International Professional Services located in North Carolina, USA. Mrs. Elizabath Christy. B.Sc, BSN, CCRN of Duke University USA is the Director Chaz Professional Services. We are an international nurse recruiting and staffing firm. We started our corporate office at Cochin, Vyttila recently. Its inauguration was done by Hon’ble Minister K.Babu on 17th April 2012. Cochin is the fast growing city in South India and Vyttila has now become the Mobility hub of Cochin and easily accessible to everyone.

Most of our office bearers are reputed persons from the concerned departments. Because of their experience in concerned field we can boost up our paper works easily. We are very happy to announce that since 2012 we have cleared about 1000 candidates in the examinations and now they are accomplished nurses in various parts of the world. This shows how much credibility we have in this field. Our faculties have minimum qualification of Msc Nursing with IELTS. We focus on Pharmacist Pharmacology also. Limited number of students and ample class make coaching easy. We guarantee your success. Let us join together for a better future.

ChazUSA is an overseas consultant based in Kochi Kerala, with experience in international nurse recruiting and staffing to various parts of the globe. We provide you assistance to overcome the hurdles that comes between you and your career abroad. We expertise in NCLEX-RN trainings, MOH, CRNE and much more.

Chaz International Professional Services is an international nurse recruiting and staffing firm located in USA. Chaz Professional Services is its Indian annexure which started in Kottayam during the year 2001 with a certified licence from the Govt. of India. For the better service it has now started a corporate office at Cochin which was inaugurated by the Cochin Hon’ble Minister K.Babu recently on 17th April 2012.

We welcome all the Angles of Mercy who wish a foreign service to Chaz Professional Services for a better career.